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Single Platform Position

Fanavarane Naft Abzar Company for solving the needs of its customers designed single-platform or mini-petrol stations to facilitate the access of fuel products to far areas and also to reduce mandatory costs of fuel. Fanavarane Naft Abzar Company With the extensive research in different parts of the country and the study of statistical documents of the number of existing stations, designed and implemented the small single-pump station project.

Tak Sako - Fanavaran Naftabzar

Quick Installation Place

Fast installing stations are made of two separate parts (tank and platform), at the Fanavarane Naft Abzar Company the tool is made within one month after the customer’s order and is installed maximum within a week at the desired location of the buyer. One of the advantages of this station is that it can be installed on a small land (200 meters more) and in dimensions: 12 meters long, 3.6 meters wide, 3.5 meters high, but can be changed according to the customer’s request, also Fast installing stations was invented and produced by Fanavarane Naft Abzar Company for the first time in Iran.

Sari O Nasb - Fanavaran Naftabzar

Mobile Station

Mobile station are places where all equipment has a normal fuel position and, as its name suggests, is capable of being transported and deployed elsewhere. On mobile platforms, there is no need for special cabling or operation to be launched and will be portable and ready to be used immediately after purchase at any place they need. Due to the weight and volume optimized in the mobile station, along with traffic standards, there is no problem in urban and intercity road traffic.

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The Stages Of The Project

  • Contract & Execution
  • Visit the Factory
  • Consult Us
  • Choose the Product

Dear costumers, After having reviewed and completed your information on the selected product, the contract between the parties is made and will be in the design, construction and implementation stages of the product that with the highest quality, with the latest standards, according to the needed confirmation and with the minimum time,it will be given to to our dear costumers .

After receiving the advice from the company’s experts and reviewing the needs, if possible for you, an appointment will be made to visit the production line and receive additional information .

If the expert were online, you can get advice from your online chat about your chosen product or otherwise ask for advice to contact you as soon as possible .

First, after reviewing the products available here, select your Product and read the catalog if needed .

Fast Installation And Implementation

Single-platform station with tank is fully prefabricated and ready to be displaced and installed. It is worth to say that all stages of preparation of the station in the factory can be done within 15 working days and the installation in place will not last more than two days .


Possibility To Install In Public Places With Low Space

Single-platform stations or single-platform pumps are designed to facilitate the availability of fuel products in far areas and reduce mandatory fuel costs, and can be provided in two models of single cab and coastal locations .


Cheap And Reasonable Price

Single-platform or single-pumped stations are similar to conventional stations but occupy less space and are cheaper and more affordable because they don’t have more substruction than conventional ones,but have all the features of the upgraded stations .


The Ability To Deliver One Or More Products At The Same Time

The single-platform station tank is built according to the API650 standard. It is made of ST-37 carbon steel and is available in two capacities of 14,000 liters of single product and 28,000 liters of two products. The top and bottom of the platform are made of polycarbonate foils to protect the dispenser .


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