What is the difference between mobile stations and the regular stations in the city?

These are places where have all the equipment which regular stations have and, as its name shows, is capable of being transported and deployed elsewhere. On mobile stations, there is no need for special substructure or operation to be launched and they will be portable and ready to be used immediately after purchase at any place needed.

How the security of the fuel tanks in mobile stations is guaranteed?

– Mobile stations fuel tanks are double glazed. The first wall after producing is tested by the quality control unit and after that is tested pneumatically. After obtaining approval, the second wall of the tank with an air distance of 4 cm is placed, after the second wall test by the tank quality control unit, the final approval will be obtained. Instead of building a second wall with 4 cm air spacing, it is possible to use a combination of rock wool and ceramic wool insulation on request. Also, for more safety, due to gasoline or diesel fuel is combined, we can use anti-explosive materials (exess) inside the tank and to reduce the explosive ability of the product to the lowest possible level.

Do fuel tanks have a specific map and confirmation?

All products of Fanavarane Naft Abzar Company are built on the basis of global standards, and in the construction of fuel tanks, the maps approved by The National Iranian oil products Distribution Company are used, and all the tanks are tested by Quality Control unit of Fanavarane Naft Abzar Company, Pneumatically Hydro-statically; Finally, the representative of The National Iranian oil products Distribution Company will also examine the tanks and signature approval certificate.

How good is maintenance and supply service in this company?

Fanavarane Naft Abzar Company, for your satisfaction In addition of using the most qualified and standard parts in its products, it also has the possibility to apply the piece you want to in its products according to the relevant standard , Fanavarane Naft Abzar Company, guarantee its supply services and maintains of its products for 10 years.

What is the administrative guarantee of the Fanavarane Naft Abzar Company?

Fanavarane Naft Abzar Company, with the approval of The National Iranian oil products Distribution Company for tanks and design, has been able to attract a large number of customers to produce products according to the standards of the world, and this trust has made a long lasting cooperation between Fanavarane Naft Abzar Company and the customers.

Why should trust Fanavarane Naft Abzar Company?

Fanavarane Naft Abzar Company has started its activities in the field of fuel stations since 2008, this company with its patent and being listed on the vedor list of the oil and oil product of Tehran has been able to provide an acceptable resume and become one of the leading brands in the field of Building a fuel stations.

What are the advantages of Fanavarane Naft Abzar Company?

Localization and access to all components with 10 years of product support,  the latest technology in the manufacturing the products is one of the advantages of Fanavarane Naft Abzar Company.

Why should collaborate with a local brand?

Fanavarane Naft Abzar Company has been able to provide this assurance to the customer in terms of quality and after-sales service due to the lack of dependence on other countries in supplying parts and utilizing managers, engineers and skilled workers in their respective affairs.

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