Fanavarane Naft Abzar Engineering Company the manufacturer of prefabricated stations and fast-installing fuel stations, protector of environment, accepts employee safety and health as an inseparable part of their corporate culture. In this way, in order to implement legal requirements at various levels based on  ISO9001: 2015, ISO14001: 2015 and OHSAS 18001: 2007 standards as the Integrated Management System (IMS) will accomplish the following aims:

1 – Planning, action and continuous monitoring to increase the level of employee safety, reduce workplace damage, reduce the risk of activities and reduce the number of accidents and prevent work-related illnesses.
2 – complete adaptation with the safety, health and environment rules(HSE).
3 – Developing HSE culture and promote an dealing  approach instead of fighting approach.
4 – Participation and cooperation of all stakeholders, including employees, contractors, customers, etc., in order to improve the system continuously. Health, Safety and Environment Management.
5 -Improvement of employees competence as the most valuable capital of the company through continuous education, growth and maintenance of efficient employees’ in the background of creating an appropriate and creative atmosphere to attract employees’ intellectual participation, as well as to create a vibrant, healthy and desirable environment at work.
6 – Regular and continuous planning and action to prevent environmental consequences, waste management and optimal use of energy resources.
7 – Increase productivity by improving the organization’s current processes, optimizing the use of equipment and resources, timely delivery of products, reducing waste and increasing production efficiency.
8 – Doing research and development activities aimed at innovating and presenting new products, producing flawlessly and reducing costs of production .

We are hopeful that with the foundation of safety methods, health and the environment in all activities of Fanavarane Naft Abzar Engineering Company,could make the atmosphere ready for the planned and effective operation of the production of products in safe and minimum diseases and protection of the environment as a legacy of generations.

ISO 1 300x133 - Method And Goals

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